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Vitabrace PreOrder Now!

Pre-order the infamous Vitabrace Wristband now and at a reduced price.
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The Top 15 professional esport teams

The objective of this list is to give you an insight into the best eSports teams from around the world. The industry of eSports is currently worth around $700 million and it is set to be worth over $1 billion by 2020. So, let’s have a look at the teams that have made the eSports [...]read moreThe Top 15 professional esport teams

Which service is a fit for you?

We have realized another feedback from our customer: Customer categories. Until yesterday we were throwing products at you based on the fact if it was featured or not or if the product was interesting to another customer! But why should a product that somebody other like, fit to your needs? We now have tried to [...]read moreWhich service is a fit for you?

Get a full service quote for the best deal from us!

In the last days, we had several requests from teams, who are interested to buy various products and services from Esport.biz but who asked to give a full quote if they'd buy more than one service at once. Today we enabled this option. Once you click on a product that is eligible for price negotiations, [...]read moreGet a full service quote for the best deal from us!

10 reasons of esport to be an interesting investment opportunity

Five years ago, the word ‘eSports’ had no real significance and were nothing more than an illusion. A culture of hardcore video game competitive players existed, but they were nothing more than that — people with a quite practical interest in playing video games for pleasure. Seemingly out of blue, the eSports industry started to [...]read more10 reasons of esport to be an interesting investment opportunity

esport and crytpo currencies

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a global system of "cryptography" and digital payments. It was created as the world’s first digital currency since the system operates without a central repository or a sole administrator. The system works in peer-to-peer philosophy with transactions being conducted directly among interconnected users without intermediaries. The digital coin was launched [...]read moreesport and crytpo currencies

Esport Contracts: The 10 golden rules

I wanted to publish part two of my comments on Esport and the related contracts. This article is a little older and was moved from our forum over here, but it is still very relevant. If you are interested to hire Marian Härtel as a lawyer for esport, take a look at www.rahaertel.com / www.esportlawyer.com [...]read moreEsport Contracts: The 10 golden rules

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