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      Friends & Family Test   02/28/2018

      Please be aware that we are in testing mode as part of the Friends & Family test. We'd appreciate if you sign up, take a look and give us some feedback, or - even better - if you participate in our new community, be a valuable partner of it and help us create the community you want to make business with esport!

      We are new on the market, yet small, but very eager to grow together with our partner, members and friends in the industry, like Team Prismatic, many more as well as obviously YOU!

      We are very sure that this community can be an integral part of the coming commercial success of eSports. Be a part of it!

      If you are still unsure what this site is about, check out the news section.


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  1. CWL Atlanta - Activizion <> Esports

    You guys are right activison should do a lot more for Call of Duty esport.