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  1. I just added some videos of Duncin "Thorin" Shields to the video section!

  2. Thorin´s thoughts on why recruiting the best player you can rather than simply one who fits the role your team lacks if often the better approach. Thorin's Thoughts - Recruiting Talent vs. What You Need (CS:GO)
  3. Thorin´s thoughts on why pro players, notably including SK Gaming members, criticising the premise of the major itself is damaging and to be chastised. Thorin's Thoughts - Respect What the Major Represents (CS:GO)
  4. Thorin´s thoughts on why great players need a true rival to establish just how good they were and elevate their own play to new heights. Thorin's Thoughts - Everyone Needs a Rival
  5.   Thorin´s thoughts on how multi-national teams have revolutionised the competitive CS:GO scene and their implications on recruitment and player movement in the near future.  Thorin's Thoughts - The Multi-National Team Revolution (CS:GO)
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  7. Thorin´s thoughts on what made ESL One Cologne 2014 the worst of the 11 majors. Thorin's Thoughts - ESL One Cologne 2014 Was the Worst Major (CS:GO)
  8. Thorin´s thoughts on the future of NA and how the age and experience of their top pros suggests they will be better in the coming years. Thorin's Thoughts - Eyeing NA's Future (CS:GO)
  9. Some thoughts on why the MSL (MBCgame StarCraft League) was better than the OSL (OnGameNet StarLeague), despite popular consensus to the contrary. Thorin's Thoughts - The MSL Was Better Than the OSL (BW)
  10. Thorin´s thoughts on the types of sexism, including the tone and nature, that exist in the esports industry. This video was informed, in part, by the experiences of women I know who work in the industry and kindly relayed their perspectives on the matter in private. Thorin's Thoughts - Sexism in the Esports Industry
  11. Thorin is talking about how rarely the number one team has won the major in CS:GO. Thorin's Thoughts - Favourite Rarely Wins the Major (CS:GO)
  12. Thorin is talking about Riot's inconsistent and hypocritical application of their ownership rules when it comes to conflicts of interest in the NA LCS for 2018 with new owners. Thorin's Thoughts - Riot's Ownership Hypocrisy (LoL)
  13. Girls in esport

    Having a shared opinion about this topic. When it comes to esport, girls should try to establish themselves in the general esport scene. Splitting men and women isn´t usefull to be honest.
  14. CWL Atlanta - Activizion <> Esports

    It´s just a shame that a company like Activizion doesn´t fit to examples like the ESL Pro League.
  15. CWL Atlanta - Activizion <> Esports

    How did you guys like the CWL Event in Atlanta? Was the coverage MLG made good, in qualitiy and scope? I have a clear opinion of why Activizion and MLG should change their system, when it comes to a global tournament system. The actual Pro-Point system is just not good, for qualifying for such a great tournament like CWL. In my opinion Activizion should work with a national league system, the #1 of the national league is qualified for the finals and #2 - #4 are able to qualifier via another tournament and have to beat the teams of the other national leagues.