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    A few words regarding EsportsBusiness.net

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    Marian Härtel

    Welcome to EsportBusiness.net,

    I would love to introduce you to this new community website.

    The main goal of eSportbusiness.net is to create a community around the business aspects of the eSports industry. This includes a way to exchange information, meet people, find the right contacts and at the very end professionalize the eSports industry. I am very well aware that the there are already some Linkedin Groups and some Facebook Groups out there, that try to tackle on the business side of eSports. Are for my opinion these groups are not too active yet, which either could mean that to incorporate them into massive social networks like Linkedin or Facebook are not the best way to gain enough awareness or - which I personally do not hope - that there is not enough interest for talking about eSports business.

    Let us hope the first reason is an explanation for it, which means that this community could still have a chance. I plan to grow it slowly, over time and to incorporate the members into the development and the focus areas. My plans for this community are not small though. I am very convinced that a healthy community with said focus is important, for members of the eSports industry and for people trying to join or invest eSports.

    I am not trying to create a new business news site. There are known editorial websites out there, that I do not want to and that I have no chance to compete with. I hope to give a chance for people to find information regarding the eSports industry, in order to the industry to prosper over the next years.

    It is important for me to try to be neutral. Yes, as a gaming and eSport lawyer I am making a living off the industry, but that doesn't mean that I cannot be neutral by means of a community. You will not find that I feature my own business or my own law office on this site. Everybody is welcome to enter Links to their business or their sites and add the own business to the Company Register

    So if I will stay neutral, why am I doing this site? Well, there are two reasons:

    - First, if the industry itself professionalizes further, it will help my business in the future, too. Honest answer right?

    - Second, in the future, I hope that a community like this can pay for itself. I will explore to set up Gold memberships with more valuable information and ways to promote businesses or themselves as consultants, players, sponsors or anything else. I also plan to add ways to find the right business partners and set up valuable deals, which will be a win-win situation for everybody.

    Please feel free to comment on this thread. I am very eager and oper to hear ideas and get feedback.

    But...please be aware...this community is - yet - in a very early stage.




    Edited by Marian Härtel

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